Here's a photo from the studio shoot last Friday! The video will be up soon.

Saturday Night All Right

So I'm currently working at two computers; I'm simultaneously looking for jobs and writing an art history essay. I've had so much work to do lately that I've been avoiding; it could be because I don't feel as challenged as I thought I would in my first year of university. It could be that I... Continue Reading →


I think I've wrapped myself so deeply in this idea of being perfect. I was on the phone with my best friend last night and we talked about my eating disorder. Again, he told me to that I should seek professional help but I caught myself saying "I don't think I want it to go... Continue Reading →

I'm switching up the backgrounds of which my characters are presented. This time, I'm filling Nat Geos with my characters. I figure it'll be a cool way to present a collection of my work to someone. My own National Geographic issue, how lovely.

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