Magnolia: An excerpt from Porridge: A Memoir

MagnoliaMagnolia: was the name of my dearest friend.Locked boxes were we with one another.I could throw words into a pondAndShe’d promise me their security.I could cry in the distance,Laugh,Smile,Or settle in complete silenceBut still hear the love from the other end.We bloomed together,Leaf & MagnoliaHand in hand like two lost children.I saw her as Alexander,And... Continue Reading →

Grab a bowl

I'll be posting another excerpt from Porridge tonight and I'd really love some feedback on the writing. I wrote this excerpt last night in a different style with more metaphors.I really couldn't articulate my feelings well enough for it to be simple.I hope you enjoy it.Here's a list of the other excerpts if you've missed them: Railings, Dominoes and Destinyl/r

Grab a bowl

I'm really happy you've enjoyed the excerpts I've shared from Porridge. The memoir is still in progress but I've been considering posting an excerpt every Monday.Now, I'm not promising anything since I still have to think about it :)Here are the links to the excerpts in case you've missed them: Railings and Dominoes I'll be posting another in 1 minute.l/r 

More Porridge?

Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from the memoir I'm writing and I got an excellent response. Although, I really wanted a ton of feedback and thoughts I received a handful of likes that have given me the impression that you enjoyed what you read. If you go into my FAQ you'll see that I mention... Continue Reading →

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