Just to hear your voice.

Grab a Bowl

I have soo much more wonderfulness to post. I was super excited last night because I found a USB key from my childhood with writing pieces on it. Just Words was a piece I wrote two years ago; I feel like I've opened a time capsule. I'll be posting more soon.

With Words

With Words Every outline, discovery and idea began with me. A long time ago, I sat in William’s study and helped him write Romeo and Juliet. Draft after draft, I poured his creativity out. With powerful expression, I etched every sonnet and in the end I helped him leave his mark. I began with a... Continue Reading →

Grab a Bowl

Go to your kitchen right now and grab the biggest bowl you can find. I mean salad bowls, a casserole dish, your bathtub will do: I have the most amazing thing for you tomorrow. So amazing I had to prepare you a day ahead of time. It's written and its wonderful. l/r

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