Grab a Bowl

The following post is a poem I wrote when I was in a bad place. It may be a bit triggering to some, but I thought I'd share it. Its a promise I made myself and sometimes repeat when things get bad. For some reason though, I never make it to Day 90 with the... Continue Reading →

Mr. Monday: My First Publication

I could hear the kernels popping in the microwave as the smell of butter filled Clarissa’s kitchen. I stared at the numbers as they counted down. The movie played loudly and I peered around the refrigerator to see what was going on. Then I noticed a photograph, framed in wood on Clarissa’s mantel, it was... Continue Reading →

Grab a Bowl

I wanted to share a short story I wrote that was published in a collection of literary works. It was my first ever publication and to the this day, something I'm super proud of.

Grab a Bowl: My Exciting News

So yesterday, I made a Grab a Bowl post about some super exciting news which I wanted to confirm before announcing. Well, it's been confirmed, prepared and completely stocked up. My Society6 store is now open for those of you who wish to purchase Head in the Sky Prints or cards -- This has been... Continue Reading →

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