There are songs I stopped listening to, And people I stopped caring about. Names that no longer comfort my tongue or weaken my knees. Faces that are now cold and unfamiliar. Chords that do nothing to my skin or to my heart. Notes that don't go together and probably never did. Instruments used- like sirens... Continue Reading →

School Girls

School Girls Sometimes I wish I had your cynicism And could laugh at everyone with you and the girls. I put on my bitchest face and pretend to hate Everything with a pulse, But my jokes aren’t heard and my comments seem ignorant, Because I don’t read underground publications, About feminist injustice, or cultural appropriation.... Continue Reading →


My smile and yours; the upturned corners of a mouth I know so well.The colour of the sky when the night before was long, Never-ending, memorable, and  perfect. When the phone rings and it's my mom. The smell of my house: poignant and piercing,It welcomes me home. Meaningful words from poets I feel like I knew. Happiness. 


Whisper Tell me a dirty message through pursed lips, In hast, in hurry and in love. I’ll be your confessional for a moment Or forever if you wish. I’ll hold my breath as you breathe your Life into my ear. Whisper your sins and I’ll take them in silence And hold them for you So... Continue Reading →

Bad day: An Excerpt from Lielah: Book 2

Bad day My coffee is bitter, My attitude is worse. My day is mocking me As it did yesterday. My raspberry scone crumbles in my lap I’m wearing white today. My computer crashes. My project partners Leave the project unfinished. My coffee is bitter. I’ve left my wallet at home And cannot pay for my... Continue Reading →

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