There's always powdered milk on the table when I go home, Soup crackers and rye bread for porridge. It isn't my home-- There's always an empty room for visitors to sleep, To stay. But there's never much room for me. I packed my things last night to runaway, I locked the door and threw my... Continue Reading →

I can't sleep or I'll get drunk,  On the lucid liquid I sip in my dreams.  If I fall too deep I won't wake up Because I'll dream of you, alive and well,  My hair is long and my hands are full With dandelions from the garden we planted.  If I sleep I'll remember everything... Continue Reading →

I've made character albums, to store my collection of 1000 Head in the Sky characters. I'm in love with them: they are so polished and beautiful when they're organized in their own book and not stacked in dictionaries all around my house. 

Vinyl  We all have edges and grooves, That play sounds. Some aren’t too sweet, Or just ambient. But you play a sound that reminds Me of May, The sun on my face. Your edges aren’t too famous, And mine don’t play well So I’m glad I found you; I think you've become my favourite record.

There was never enough of you to go around; But I dished you out into small servings For the girls around the table. I told them how happy I've been Full and giddy, With delight. Sharp and bleeding, Like I pressed the rose too hard When you handed it to me. You're worried I'll spread... Continue Reading →

Love Love is the bottom of a wine bottle Days after a good party and a bad hangover— Sticky and black. Love is a conniving frienemy That poisons you blind— Forges entrapment for release, For happiness. Love is patient, love is kind, It does not envy, it does not boast, It seduces, it destroys, It... Continue Reading →

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