It's raining And it hasn't stopped since yesterday. The cold fights warmth and fogs up my window, and my glasses. My cheeks are damp Because my eyelashes aren't umbrellas. Soggy and soaked, Are my sleeves from wiping away the rain that won't stop falling, It hasn't stopped since yesterday.

Why is it that time can heal my wounds only to leave scars that Exist in my head and not on my arms Where I can see them. I only wish I remembered this pain before it Swelled up in my throat And choked me. I didn’t pick up the phone. I  let it ring,... Continue Reading →

There is always poetry to keep you up at night, when you'd ought to be sleeping. When your heart is overflowing, and your mind wishes to keep it company. There is always poetry to give you nightmares or lucid dreams once you've finally fallen into the daze of night. There is always poetry, always coffee... Continue Reading →

Cards The games we play Change as we age. The queen of hearts now wears Her crown a little off to the side More far to the right. Her heart isn’t as big, And not as red. She’s been around the block. And in the end— Love stings and we’re all dead.

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