Love: As the Extension of One’s Self

Can I just mention how much googling I did to make sure I was using the right version of oneself v.s one's self ? Oneself vs. one’s self The two-word phrase one’s self is only justifiable when self is used in a spiritual, philosophical, or psychological sense. In all other cases, one’s self can be replaced with... Continue Reading →


She confuses love with abuse so easily. But why are they synonymous? She saw her first thesaurus in the attic, Just before he unbuckled his pants And closed the shades. "She's mature for her age," they tell her mother. She can slice her own apples and pour her own cereal, But she's only five years... Continue Reading →

Who I am and why I’m here

Funny enough, I've never written an introductory post on this blog. Sure, I've written many actual posts where in which I dive right into  cultural criticism, diasporic writings and art, but I figure I should provide some context about who I am and why I write. So, here I am making the gesture now. I'm... Continue Reading →

On the eve of Valentine's Day I have to ask... Why are we all so afraid of love?  Where did this belief that love and strength cannot coexist come from?  When did love mean weakness?  What is this strange robotic fixation on the abolishment of feelings? Love never meant weakness. If anything it takes a... Continue Reading →

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