Shout Out

Shout out to the white girls in secondary school, who told me my lips were too big, and are now getting lip injections. It takes a white body to make it cool.  Shout out to the white girls wearing bindis while simultaneously referring to the Hindu people of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and India who... Continue Reading →


I'm not good at sleeping. Especially, with other people; the room becomes too warm and the bed becomes too crowded. I don't think what I have is insomnia, but rather simply a displaced awakeness. I'm awake because I can't sleep right now, and not because I can't sleep at all. I do like to cuddle-- but not... Continue Reading →

Lavender A subtle sweetness always reminds me of you, It lingers on my clothes and in my sheets. The air seems colder without your body; Chamomile's sister is your scent: it dizzies me and soothes. But I remind myself that All you are is a purple weed growing out of place; Untamed and sensitive to... Continue Reading →

How I loved You.

I saw myself in your eyes And I must have fallen for my reflection: The portrait of some foreign girl I never really knew, Who was much greater than me. If I loved you-- and I think I did It wasn't conventional: I loved your eyes And the way they saw me.    

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