Gendered Languages and Sexism

  For those who know me, it has always been my goal to move to Europe-- specifically France -- when I got my Bachelor's Degree. Though as a cultural critic I've always considered the how difficult it would be for me to adapt to a new language, not to mention a gendered one. Yet, this... Continue Reading →

"You don't forgive easily."  No, I don't. I have one heart, so don't think for a second that I'm stupid enough to let you break it twice.  It shouldn't take the second try to remind you to value something. I'm a fucking person and your actions leave marks.

Love Letters & Self-Love

Stay true to yourself and honest in your words; Write yourself love letters, fill your world with people who are good: Good for you and good to you. Apologize only when you've done wrong and not because it seems expected of you: "Sorrys" are never to be given out like Halloween candy. Keep your expectations where... Continue Reading →

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