On a map I could draw lines from Britain to Jamaica to Canada, but I could never position myself in one place. I felt my identity was always in transit: I was the journey of one country to another and never the country itself. —from my journal: "My Time with Isaac"

Open Letter About This Week

This week tried to kill me. This week tried to diminish my flame and send me home packing my bags, and back to my mother's house. This week had the Gods throwing pellets to see if when they hit I'd crumble under the impact. I didn't. Six days ago I realized I couldn't pay all... Continue Reading →

Today's trials and tribulations are especially heavy. While I pride myself on having this resilience, perseverance and this strength sometimes it seems childish and naive. There must be stars in my eyes to think that this place can be one of happiness. I find myself wondering why no one appears unless things are especially terrible,... Continue Reading →

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