Baby Blue.

  "Nevertheless, in every kind of human communication, there are always going to be things that one cannot translate. No matter what the language, there are gaps and absences." "I became very interested in these kinds of vacillations and in how they are expressed through physical places and psychics states." "Once I was able to... Continue Reading →

Open Letter #2

  The moment I realized I was special, I had already been special for 20 years. It was a delayed realization, of course, and it came to me when my trauma started to fade into the background. My father was dead, yes, and somehow I was still alive after many thoughts of not being that... Continue Reading →

"Not only are the hit songs, stars and soap operas cyclically recurrent and rigidly invariable types, but the specific content of the entertainment itself is derived from them and only appears to change." - The Cultural Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception 

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