Mistresses and Transphobia

As a cisgender person, it is my responsibility to call out transphobia when I see it to promote safe spaces, the comfort and mental wellbeing of trans-folk. Being cisgender comes with many socio-political advantages and I recognize that.

That said, every night I get home from work and turn on my tele to any “wallpaper” show. Wallpaper meaning background television: anything that can just act as atmosphere while I do other things. Season 4 of Mistresses recently came out and rather than play The Mindy Project or Apartment 23 for the 50th time, I decided to give  Mistresses a shot. Eight episodes in I was doing dishes and overheard character, April whine to a girlfriend that a client of hers kissed her. Trigger Warning: the following image sets are offensive and outright ridiculous.

And while I found this intolerable I was curious as to how this bullshit would unfold. Were these insensitive scenes used to lead to a final morale? Were they filmed to show the main character that she’s an intolerant ass? Also, side note: I fucking hate the word TOLERANT when used in relation to people and TYPES of people; it has a horrible connotation and literally means to accept, endure and/or allow the existence or practice of. I think it’s just bad W/C (word choice) when describing a person who is welcoming and just plain human??? But that comes from my own issues of an intolerance for intolerance, sooo…

I don’t have much to say about these photo sets really, other than they’re mortifying and ignorant. I’m still watching the show to see how creators rise from this transphobic nonsense; I will have updates very soon.

It is imperative that, as a cisgender person, you realize your privilege and what roles you play in discriminatory discourse. While I understand that I’m still watching this show and therefore ‘supporting’ it I also realize that I’m releasing images sets to notify an audience of it’s problematic bullshit. The media can be a murky, yet motivating place.



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