Dark and fertile Is my skin for gardens to flourish. I am the soil's second-cousin.

Politics at Dinner

Legend has it Politics shouldn’t be brought to the  Dinner table.  Though, When your existence is political  You do not have the privilege of  Leaving politics at home.  When you meet the parents  You bring your politics In your skin,  Your gender And your identity. 


The industry  Won’t tell you  You are worthy, It won’t whisper sweet proverbs in your ears. It will tell you “no,” But you must be the one to hear “not now”  Never wait for someone to choose you,  Instead choose yourself. 

Bad Presidents

Bad Presidents show you who your friends are And who your friends are not.  Bad Presidents out the nazis, the fascists, the racists, the homophobes, and the monsters Because they have to be elected by someone.  Bad Presidents make you talk about politics  Even though ediquette has taught you not to, They make scream, they... Continue Reading →


Yes love,  Sweet things are sweet—  Though tart or tasteless  To those  Lacking the tooth: Honey, is an acquired taste. 

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