Blackface & London, England

When I landed in London, I took the Southern train from Gatwick Airport to the closest tube station. Naturally, as a commuter, the first few things I noticed were: mind the gap is more valid than it is in Toronto because the trains are NEVER levelled with the platform; the tube is AN ENTIRE world... Continue Reading →

"I marvel over how the doors to our futures can be as unassuming as they are unexpected." --Kate Bolick, Spinster

Mini Skirts, Side Salads & Religion

I ate meat accidentally on Wednesday. I was with a party who hadn't realized there was meat hidden in a dish. I was mortified when it was discussed afterward and it seemed everyone knew-- apart from me, although it was announced that I was a vegetarian in the beginning. Everyone seemed to smile at me... Continue Reading →

Unappealing YouTube Titles

I love YouTube. It helps me keep up to date with art news, watch the latest fashion shows, has video essays on history, race, politics and feminism. Though, it has an ugly side-- from privileged, mysognist YouTubers to commenters who police women's bodies to plain assholes. Here a just a few unappealing titles: 15 Things... Continue Reading →


I'm attracted to people who drain the life from me, either as a result of lack of maturity or ambition.

Rachel Dolezel and Costuming

Being able to choose your race to paint yourself whatever colour you like then call "trans-racial" is clear indicator of privilege. Many black people in some shape or form have racial trauma that has been handed down to them, be it in the mannerisms their were taught, the precautions, and the survivor skills needed to... Continue Reading →

Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide

Single dose Powder pouches of Soothing lemon flavour-- I've been drinking drugstore remedies To cure my common cold: Cough syrup, honey, And tea made with acetaminophen; There's no real food in my stomach, Just healing liquids That put me to sleep and give me Nightmares.

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