On my way home I watch the water; The rain patters against the shore, And a grey-blue haze erupts, Like a heavy-set cloud seeking friends. Quickly the creature engulfs the land, Consuming buildings which fade As if towering to heaven, And dismembering trees To branchless stumps Inconsiderately cut too high up. The spot before me... Continue Reading →


I wake up late. Change into an all black outfit, slap sunscreen on my face and wrap an emerald scarf around my neck. My first bus is late-- but it's always late and I've made it a habit of catching the one at 7:44am knowing it will arrive at 7:57am. I run out my house... Continue Reading →


Two little girls on the bus had a fight. I catch only the end of it As I take my seat in the back. They fall silent after the last hurtful word is thrown, But stay seated next to each other. Three stops pass and the one in brown prepares herself to get off. Though,... Continue Reading →


A man eats a brick of parmesan cheese on the bus. Seated next to me, he's white haired and pink, his bright orange Joe Fresh bag divides us. I watch him eat his smelly brick, the plastic cling falling over his fingers, $19.15, it reads. He catches me staring, but doesn't say a word. Instead,... Continue Reading →

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