01.30.19 – SD 05

New energy Buzzing behind my eyes. How time heals all things, How silence sings to those Who tend to her. How magic befriends the introverted. My stomach no longer turns, Anxiety unfriended, Worry wiped away; New energy.

01.28.19 – SD02

Mineral rich, Blood is thicker than water But sometimes too merky for lieless love. Water is transperant and truthful. Sometimes family isn't kin And brothers and sisters, Mothers and fathers, Can be found in foreign places.

30 Days of Solitude: Day 01

Good omens, Like rainbow streaks On grey cashmere and wool, And a gifted bag of Chipotle chips, Remind me That small changes in one's routine Are the foundation of momumental life lessons.


What more am I than A fountain to be drained, A path to be travelled, And a place for rest? --a heart to be broken

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