The cold is clearing, The end, nearing, Winter is no match for Spring.


Bitter cups of tea-- Spiced chai for energy, Peppermint and ginger to sooth A turning stomach. Bubbles In bottles of champagne Celebratory and sweet: The taste of beginnings.


Bullshit. I know very much who I am. Sometimes, the pros simply sound like the cons. Sometimes, I win from both outcomes. Sometimes, I'm indecisive. That is not a reflection of the entirety of my character. My plate is stacked, And perhaps my burden is invisible to you. So before you pass judgement Educate yourself;... Continue Reading →


Sorry... An empty word A sorry thing A placeholder for an action plan. Meaningless when Given out like Halloween candy.


There are so many things I wish to say to you-- Though somehow, today My silence says them all.

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