Quiet contemplation Of things unsaid And tender moments. Elation, joy, And pinics with friends. The sun heat of the sun, The chill of the rain, The nibble and bite of the month of May.

Pure Nostalgia: A playlist

Pizzicato Five - Baby Love Child Pure Bathing Culture - Evergreener Alvvays - Not My Baby Alt-J - Breezeblocks Tennis - Timothy Mother, Mother - Simply, Simple The xx - Islands Fiona Apple - Container Daughter - Candles Fiona Apple - Paper Bag Beyonce - Halo Now, Now - School Friends Voyou - Il neige... Continue Reading →


How life's beauty Soars across a spectrum: Silence for some, And song for others. Suddenly, Green and blue share a similar hue-- A rainbow of sisters-- So lovely.


I found $100 today. That’s the most I’ve ever found. I also saw my brother, Kevin, as the streetcar pulled into St Clair Station. I was thinking about him a stop before the station. I heard he had a daughter. What was she like? She should be four now. They say brothers of brothers have... Continue Reading →

Pep Talk 67: Bitch Co-Worker

Correct me if I'm wrong--but you can't stand this bitch. And that's fine. What isn't fine is that I can tell. Suddenly, you're aggressive and uncooperative. You avoid her like the plague and walk around the office like someone kicked your dog. I have to tell you before someone else does, but you don't have... Continue Reading →

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