Baby, You're Blue # 1048  The blues in National Geographic range from a Pantone 532C to a Pantone 290C --- This series is making develop fetishes for blues, evidently.


I have no fork or spoon to eat you with, Just my heart and my hands To hold you, And call you mine For as long as this meal lasts. But I've starved myself of this food For so long that my body forgets the Ritual, the ediquette And the holy words that come before... Continue Reading →

Day Off, Off Day

There's a woman on the subway with a can opener And a fork.  She watches me eat rice cakes And our eyes lock at Ossington Station, Then at Keele, Then Royal York.  She takes a can of tuna from her purse and opens it.  It usually rains in April, but this year it rains in... Continue Reading →

Happiness: Last Day

My legs are in between his; I press my palms onto his desk and slowly raise my body until I’m sitting in front of him. “We can’t do this anymore,” he says. And I inhale slowly then bite down on my lip. He says this a lot. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” but for some... Continue Reading →

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