RANT: 3 Reasons Why I’m Voting For Hilary Clinton

1. She's a woman.  We all know that there's a special place in hell for women who do not support eachother. So of course I'd prefer not to go to hell. Hilary Clinton's candidacy is a prime example of why white feminism is so incredibly naive. Our need for conversation and intersectionality is so critical... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Daughter

A Letter to my Daughter … I figured I’d write this letter for you having not yet met you, because I imagine that when I do I won’t remember all things I need to say. There are a few things I wish my father had told me before he died, and many things I know... Continue Reading →

I hate that being with you makes me lose my sense of self, like laying in water, tepid, like body temperature and there’s a boundlessness: Like I’m flying.  In our separation I sometimes feel odd, like something is missing and colours aren’t as bright. I don’t like this poignant smell of love that suffocates me,... Continue Reading →

Letters are Coming

I'm working on a letter series where in which I'll write to people of the past, present and future. The first one will be up on Monday at noon EST. Happy Friday. x

Melting Pot x Leaf Jerlefia

I got angry last night and wrote two posts that I've never been more passionate about. Last year I struggled to define the thematic of this blog: deciding whether it was a portfolio for the Head in the Sky Series, or poetry platform, or a diary. I entered 2016 not knowing what this blog would... Continue Reading →

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