To avoid infatuation and schoolgirl crushes. I suppress the thoughts of us together, interrupt the replaying of romantic moments in my mind and tell myself “no.” But sometimes, I’ll let the images play for a second too long and I’ll fall into them. Until I have to shake myself awake and kill the butterflies in... Continue Reading →


Two nights ago I looked through a telescope at Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon, And was horrified. My mom laughed on the phone as I Recanted the story. "How small and insignificant we are. I'm an ant to the Universe." I awake from a bizarre space dream to a girl crying on my doorstep, her... Continue Reading →


The birds begin chirping at 4 The sun rises at 5 Though, on a Sunday Our city sleeps until noon. So, the birds go unheard, The sun waits, unnoticed.


In the Fall, I let go of you As the trees let go of Their leaves. My heartbeats echo your name And as the air becomes crisp and cold I fall into a well of dispair. I sleep until noon I hibernate and embrace My personal winter.

Politics at Dinner

Legend has it Politics shouldn’t be brought to the  Dinner table.  Though, When your existence is political  You do not have the privilege of  Leaving politics at home.  When you meet the parents  You bring your politics In your skin,  Your gender And your identity. 

Bad Presidents

Bad Presidents show you who your friends are And who your friends are not.  Bad Presidents out the nazis, the fascists, the racists, the homophobes, and the monsters Because they have to be elected by someone.  Bad Presidents make you talk about politics  Even though ediquette has taught you not to, They make scream, they... Continue Reading →


We all manage pain in ways that are beyond our control; In ways that are ours:  My third rejection letter wakes me in the early morning,  Before the sunlight hits my face. I barely read the words that say "not you," Then melt into my pillow, When I wake I call myself a writer  And... Continue Reading →

“My Husband Doesn’t Like It.”

Among the many interesting comments heard in the world of retail, this one has to be my favourite: “I’m returning it because my husband doesn’t like it.” And perhaps this blog post will be written from a place of naivety, being that I’m single, unmarried and at the peak of my independence, but it always... Continue Reading →

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