Coffee cups clanging, crashing, kissing lips The bittersweet bliss of a “day off.” Market chatter, barter songs and siren calls, Glittery glass and cold concrete— The sounds of Saturday: Steel beams, rusted links and children playing; A week’s anxiety collected in a corner cubicle; The city sings its song of release As I seek Green... Continue Reading →


My name stained Your tongue, Tapped your teeth And Lingered on your lips. These words you never said-- My name Written between the lines Of tales half-told: Stories of lust and longing,


I'm so sick of hating my body. It's so much work. This constant fixation on things that are too big or too small or too loose. It's exhausting. I'm sick of comparing myself to Instagram influencers and curvy celebs. I'm tired of counting spoonfuls and tracking steps. Leave me the fuck alone. Let my jiggly... Continue Reading →


Coconut shells Glazed Glided in gold Given in goodbyes. Etched Their lacquered depths And chipped edges Reflect your clumsy hand Your dry humour. Somewhere Bundled and bound In the abyss called closet Are my letters. There Pages peppered My wit, the quick whip Of my tongue, temper flaring Deep, down, the dark depths Hidden Between... Continue Reading →

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