Burn Out & Toxic Positivity

DISCLAIMER: Without a doubt, I am beyond grateful to have a job. I am grateful to still have a job and to have had a job for majority of the pandemic. This blog post does not deny or erase my gratitude. Instead, it highlights a major challenge: navigating toxic positivity in the workplace, a pandemic... Continue Reading →

Finding Fatherhood

a lyric essay on family and fatherhood; names have been changed out of respect for those involved. In mid-June of 2017, my brother becomes a father, and not in the usual biological fashion most men do, but rather in a philosophical way. The air is light, the Sun is high, it is 11am. My brother,... Continue Reading →


Coffee cups clanging, crashing, kissing lips The bittersweet bliss of a “day off.” Market chatter, barter songs and siren calls, Glittery glass and cold concrete— The sounds of Saturday: Steel beams, rusted links and children playing; A week’s anxiety collected in a corner cubicle; The city sings its song of release As I seek Green... Continue Reading →


We fall back into old routines With the same affection and uncertainty. Forgetful, Distracted by the lure of love; Behind our eyes, A dozen unanswered questions.


A wife by now Someone's by now Someone by now A life by now Something by now Somewhere by now. If not now, what now? --notes on existential dread


10:34pm Westbound to Kipling "You look clean. Do you go to church? There are many corrupt people in this world. Don't let them bring out the worst in you. You don't need all the makeup. I mean, I love it, you look good, but you don't need it. Don't worry about getting married, you're going... Continue Reading →


On my way home I watch the water; The rain patters against the shore, And a grey-blue haze erupts, Like a heavy-set cloud seeking friends. Quickly the creature engulfs the land, Consuming buildings which fade As if towering to heaven, And dismembering trees To branchless stumps Inconsiderately cut too high up. The spot before me... Continue Reading →


I wake up late. Change into an all black outfit, slap sunscreen on my face and wrap an emerald scarf around my neck. My first bus is late-- but it's always late and I've made it a habit of catching the one at 7:44am knowing it will arrive at 7:57am. I run out my house... Continue Reading →

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