Baby Blue.

  "Nevertheless, in every kind of human communication, there are always going to be things that one cannot translate. No matter what the language, there are gaps and absences." "I became very interested in these kinds of vacillations and in how they are expressed through physical places and psychics states." "Once I was able to... Continue Reading →

Privilege in the Age of Instagram

Capturing one's youth comes with a side of privilege. You didn't have to order it, in fact it isn't even on the menu, but it's baked into what you're eating. What do you mean?  Often times, here in the Western world we forget that our luxuries are luxuries. Nowadays, our daily lives are recorded in... Continue Reading →

Shout Out

Shout out to the white girls in secondary school, who told me my lips were too big, and are now getting lip injections. It takes a white body to make it cool.  Shout out to the white girls wearing bindis while simultaneously referring to the Hindu people of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and India who... Continue Reading →

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