hiatus III

I disappeared for a moment, didn't I? I'm not sure what difference it'll make if I say sorry, so I won't do that. Although I haven't been posting characters or new blog posts that doesn't mean I'm not working on new things.But, I'm back... sort of. I'm currently curating and writing for an upcoming exhibition... Continue Reading →

Hello loves! I'm happy to announce that I'll be selling Head in the Sky Posters for 5$ and Calendars for 10$ in celebration of HITS's 3rd birthday. <33

Head in the Sky: A History

I think it's about time that I speak about the birth of  Head in the Sky: the collage series that dominates this blog. I think over the years I, myself, have been working through the thematic and purpose of making characters; Their styles and thematic has evolved so much since their creation and I thought... Continue Reading →

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