Wandering Ground: Finding Paths (2018)

Wandering Ground: Finding Paths (2018) was a multi-disciplinary exhibition featuring the work of 4 artists, Yuling Chen, leaf jerlefia, Aaron Robert Moore and Justyna Werbel. Exhibited in 2 iterations, the works explored social identity through anecdotal histories, diaspora and metaphor. From hysterical modernization to pop culture activism, the works within the exhibition looked closely at coping mechanisms and the dream worlds that mirror dangerous power structures.

The works produced were a response to OCAD U’s Global Experience Project, a trailblazing initiative designed to explore and build Canada’s prominence in global communities of art and culture. This nomadic residency program selected 4 artists to mentor under renowned British filmmaker, Isaac Julien, CBE, culminating experiences in Toronto, New York and London, England.


GEP Show - Wandering Ground-1.jpg

YULING 001.jpg
Still from Re-Orient by Yuling Chen


Re-Orient by Yuling Chen

GEP Show - Wandering Ground-43.jpgGEP Show - Wandering Ground-53.jpgGEP Show - Wandering Ground-47.jpgGEP Show - Wandering Ground-42.jpg


away & back by leaf jerlefia 

BabyLeaf.jpegGEP Show - Wandering Ground-21.jpgGEP Show - Wandering Ground-3.jpg

Our Backyard in 3 Seasons, from away & back by leaf jerlefia


Fragments of a March by Justyna Werbel

GEP Show - Wandering Ground-7.jpgGEP Show - Wandering Ground-15.jpgGEP Show - Wandering Ground-19.jpgGEP Show - Wandering Ground-17.jpgGEP Show - Wandering Ground-24.jpg


There is a Bridge… by Aaron Robert Moore

savecrocodile.jpgGEP Show - Wandering Ground-28.jpgGEP Show - Wandering Ground-33.jpgGEP Show - Wandering Ground-36.jpg


Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 8.13.16 PM.png
 excerpt from Wandering by leaf jerlefia, Opening Essay for Wandering Ground the catalogue

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