Finding Fatherhood

a lyric essay on family and fatherhood; names have been changed out of respect for those involved. In mid-June of 2017, my brother becomes a father, and not in the usual biological fashion most men do, but rather in a philosophical way. The air is light, the Sun is high, it is 11am. My brother,... Continue Reading →


A quieting So subtle and soft Masked By the whistle of the wind The girl goes Unheard.


My name stained Your tongue, Tapped your teeth And Lingered on your lips. These words you never said-- My name Written between the lines Of tales half-told: Stories of lust and longing,


Your assumptions of who I am, what I am and why I am the way I am, have nothing to do with me. You want answers ask more questions and be satisfied with what you get or fuck off entirely.


Distance Is not a factor. Closeness Has no correlation to initmacy. Kilometres from kin-- Irrelevant. You are simply Filled with excuses Not to see me.


We fall back into old routines With the same affection and uncertainty. Forgetful, Distracted by the lure of love; Behind our eyes, A dozen unanswered questions.


Coconut shells Glazed Glided in gold Given in goodbyes. Etched Their lacquered depths And chipped edges Reflect your clumsy hand Your dry humour. Somewhere Bundled and bound In the abyss called closet Are my letters. There Pages peppered My wit, the quick whip Of my tongue, temper flaring Deep, down, the dark depths Hidden Between... Continue Reading →


Hopeless romantics Cling to connection Like baguettes and bike rides, or Late nights laying in the park-- Gazing golly and glee-- The stars tell stories To the eyes that gaze upon them.

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