The Stop Sign Series (2018)

Installed around St Clair West and Bathurst Street, The Stop Sign Series (2018) used urban signage as a vehicle for social and political commentary. The installation included 10 full stops which were pasted onto stop signs to interrupt the mundane and inspire viewers to consider vulnerability, mental health and relationships.

STOP relying on luck
STOP lying to your loved ones
STOP wishful thinking
STOP the night terrors
STOP abusing your power
STOP ignoring cries for help
STOP comparing yourself to others
STOP dreaming, start planning
STOP perpetuating toxic standards of beauty

STOP excluding them

This work was heavily inspired by the neo-conceptual artist Jenny Holzer, particularly her Truisms (1978-1987) series. Each vinyl sticker was installed in a location where it could be the most provocative based on social geography. For example, STOP abusing your power was installed at the fork of Vaughan and Bathurst, a popular spot for police patrol cars to stop and watch the comings and goings of the men’s shelters nearby.

jerlefia kept 2 full stops for archival purposes. The images below show 7 of 10 full stops.

Scan 29.jpeg
Scan 28.jpeg

STOP relying on luck, Arlington Avenue and Humewood Gardens, north of St Clair, 2018 – 3/10

STOP abusing your power, The Fork: Bathurst meets Vaughan, 2018 – 8/10

STOP wishful thinking, Rushton Road and Humewood Gardens, 2018 – 2/10

STOP ignoring cries for help, Bathurst Street and Alcina Avenue, 2018 – 7/10

STOP comparing yourself to others, Atlas Avenue at St Clair Avenue West, 2018 – 4/10

STOP dreaming, start planning, Wychwood Avenue, between Hocken and Helena Avenue, 2018 – 1/10

STOP lying to your loved ones, Augusta and Wales Avenue, 2018 – 5/10

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