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I wake up late. Change into an all black outfit, slap sunscreen on my face and wrap an emerald scarf around my neck. My first bus is late– but it’s always late and I’ve made it a habit of catching the one at 7:44am knowing it will arrive at 7:57am. I run out my house…


I slept for too long and  Started having nightmares. One about a pitbull Who was disowned by his family And followed me home. He frightened me so I never let him in  But instead of leaving He stood on his hind legs  And pressed his weight against my apartment  Door.  My lock is loose and…

Politics at Dinner

Legend has it Politics shouldn’t be brought to the  Dinner table.  Though, When your existence is political  You do not have the privilege of  Leaving politics at home.  When you meet the parents  You bring your politics In your skin,  Your gender And your identity.