A Letter to My Daughter

A Letter to my Daughter … I figured I’d write this letter for you having not yet met you, because I imagine that when I do I won’t remember all things I need to say. There are a few things I wish my father had told me before he died, and many things I know... Continue Reading →


I have no fork or spoon to eat you with, Just my heart and my hands To hold you, And call you mine For as long as this meal lasts. But I've starved myself of this food For so long that my body forgets the Ritual, the ediquette And the holy words that come before... Continue Reading →

Note: The Audio Sampling

New Audio Sampling of Note: A Poem Listen Here I recorded this new poem, entitled Note, while I was recovering from a sore throat. For some reason I really love the audio quality and the raspy-ness of my voice combined with the subject matter of the poem; Note is about suicide and how something so... Continue Reading →

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