Rant: My BLACK Girlfriend

--for my ex boyfriend Every now and then I take a moment to forgive the people in my life who have used me as their token "black friend." By that I mean the people I've known who  have used me as an excuse when defending their racism. Now, being a person of colour and dating... Continue Reading →

There is always poetry to keep you up at night, when you'd ought to be sleeping. When your heart is overflowing, and your mind wishes to keep it company. There is always poetry to give you nightmares or lucid dreams once you've finally fallen into the daze of night. There is always poetry, always coffee... Continue Reading →

Cards The games we play Change as we age. The queen of hearts now wears Her crown a little off to the side More far to the right. Her heart isn’t as big, And not as red. She’s been around the block. And in the end— Love stings and we’re all dead.

Legacy: Block

If I was forced to write a poem about you I’d sit staring and startled at a blank piece of paper. You see, I’ve been going through a bout of bad writer’s block, Where my tongue seems to be stuck between my teeth Fetching the scattered words Lost between bone and gum. It’s not that... Continue Reading →


I have no fork or spoon to eat you with, Just my heart and my hands To hold you, And call you mine For as long as this meal lasts. But I've starved myself of this food For so long that my body forgets the Ritual, the ediquette And the holy words that come before... Continue Reading →


Door If I left the door open to the possibility That your death was absolute I wouldn’t be able to venture out into a world Where you aren’t And never will be again. The hollowness within me Would expand So deep and so vast, So hot, That my outside world would Melt. You’re only missing,... Continue Reading →

Hot Tea

Hot Tea I had hot tea the morning you called To tell me your love was gone. The kettle was on the fire before I even picked up the phone. When there’s heartbreak, there’s always chamomile to calm your nerves. A warm cup is the next best thing to rest your hands on— To stable... Continue Reading →

Cold Tea

Cold Tea When I met him I was always hurt, Always empty In a way that was never entirely bare. Like a glass half full, I was the remnant of some sweet drink He had only wished to taste, But never to finish. I was like hot tea that he thought tasted better cold, Iced—... Continue Reading →

Happiness: Last Day

My legs are in between his; I press my palms onto his desk and slowly raise my body until I’m sitting in front of him. “We can’t do this anymore,” he says. And I inhale slowly then bite down on my lip. He says this a lot. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” but for some... Continue Reading →

Grab a Bowl

I wanted to share a short story I wrote that was published in a collection of literary works. It was my first ever publication and to the this day, something I'm super proud of.

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