I slept for too long and  Started having nightmares. One about a pitbull Who was disowned by his family And followed me home. He frightened me so I never let him in  But instead of leaving He stood on his hind legs  And pressed his weight against my apartment  Door.  My lock is loose and... Continue Reading →

About Vivid & Lucid Dreams

"In lucid dreaming, you are dreaming and know that you are dreaming. A dream becomes lucid when your daytime 'wake consciousness' becomes active while you are in a dream- so you are dreaming and know you are dreaming." "Vivid dreams arise from Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, in which the brain is as active as it... Continue Reading →


I never used to remember what happened in my dreams, Or dwell on them when I awoke. But lately, the images within them have become More vivid and disturbing Than ever before. Suddenly, I am back in relationships with bad boyfriends Who I've forgotten both love me and hate me. I even fall for their... Continue Reading →

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