Grab a Bowl

Before my family moved up north my cat, Thorn ran away. I hate that - ran away- the sound it makes. He needed some fresh air and he went out as he always did with the expectation to come back to his family. Only to find the house empty, torn apart and his family no... Continue Reading →

Coins: An excerpt from Porridge: A Memoir

CoinsI can’t tell you the amount of coinsMy father found when he was alive.Pennies,Nickels,Dimes.All aligned waiting for him,To stop and pick up.He’d catch a glimpse of their silvery,Faces,Laying flat and unimportant on the sidewalk.When he’d pick them up I’d smileIn amazement that he could spot so manyOf these neglected, inconspicuous currency;While others walk so proudly... Continue Reading →

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