Letters are Coming

I'm working on a letter series where in which I'll write to people of the past, present and future. The first one will be up on Monday at noon EST. Happy Friday. x

Go forth

Go forth, with dignity and optimism with love and kindness with hope. Go forth, knowing that you are strong but can, and will, become stronger, wiser, happier, better. Go forth with star in your eyes, dreams in your head and ambition in your hands. Remember, as much as New Years are known for their "new... Continue Reading →

Frida Kahlo Rene Gruau Henri de Toulouse-Latrec J.M.W Turner Caspar David Fredrich Jean Michel Basquiat Camille Piassaro Agnes Cecile Gil Elvgren Diane Arbus Donna Ferato Cindy Sherman Mark Rothko Mies Van Der Roche Gustav Klimt Henry Moore

Leaf: An excerpt from Porridge: A Memoir

Leaf Freshly baked bread dangled before pigeons. The colour orange and its place in the sky. My big forehead and Daddy’s coconut tree. Pears, peanut butter and August twenty-sixth. Happiness, lies and goodbyes. Smiles, frowns and art making. Seductive, fearless, indecisive. Norma Jeane’s Marilyn Monroe. A metaphor for the things alive inside me. Skin, fat... Continue Reading →

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