Pure Nostalgia: A playlist

Pizzicato Five - Baby Love Child Pure Bathing Culture - Evergreener Alvvays - Not My Baby Alt-J - Breezeblocks Tennis - Timothy Mother, Mother - Simply, Simple The xx - Islands Fiona Apple - Container Daughter - Candles Fiona Apple - Paper Bag Beyonce - Halo Now, Now - School Friends Voyou - Il neige... Continue Reading →

“Songs of Protest”

Phil Ochs' Here's to the State of Mississippi  Here's to the state of Mississippi For underneath her borders, the devil draws no lines If you drag her muddy river, nameless bodies you will find Whoa, the fat trees of the forest have hid a thousand crimes The calender is lyin' when it reads the present... Continue Reading →

RANT: Popular Culture and Female Bodies-Part 2

Popular Culture and Female Bodies It’s remarkable how silly sexism can be in contemporary society. I remember the presidential campaign of 2008 when Hilary Clinton ran against Barrack Obama and a boy said, “She won’t win.” “Why not?” I asked him. He said, "No offense, but a woman shouldn’t be president;  they're too sensitive and... Continue Reading →

Vinyl  We all have edges and grooves, That play sounds. Some aren’t too sweet, Or just ambient. But you play a sound that reminds Me of May, The sun on my face. Your edges aren’t too famous, And mine don’t play well So I’m glad I found you; I think you've become my favourite record.

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