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Open hearts, open arms, open relationships Closed minds, closed eyes, closed off Stay calm, stay warm, stay away Come home, come here, come back Love this, love that, love them Hate this, hate that, hate them Hold hands, hold faith, hold on Quiet night, quiet room, quiet down Speak truth, speak love, speak up Advertisements


10:34pm Westbound to Kipling “You look clean. Do you go to church? There are many corrupt people in this world. Don’t let them bring out the worst in you. You don’t need all the makeup. I mean, I love it, you look good, but you don’t need it. Don’t worry about getting married, you’re going…


My head has been sick for a while So my heart has been making the decisions And doing the thinking. She patters in my chest Panicky and frantic when she finds That feelings are rarely logical, and That love isn’t always requited. Hard truths for a softer heart, As my head sleeps my heart works…