Your assumptions of who I am, what I am and why I am the way I am, have nothing to do with me. You want answers ask more questions and be satisfied with what you get or fuck off entirely.


Speak them into existence And they will haunt the air. Ghouls or goals? Your tongue A pointed wand, your words, magic So think before you speak.


My little heart Bumps into walls, Drop things, and Knocks on doors Too hard. Confused, she patters Then picks up the pace; Suprised by simple things, Like kindness. In love, She ponders passionate Possibilities, So much so, my brain reminds her It is She who does the thinking. Though in love, Both are at a... Continue Reading →

Mini Skirts, Side Salads & Religion

I ate meat accidentally on Wednesday. I was with a party who hadn't realized there was meat hidden in a dish. I was mortified when it was discussed afterward and it seemed everyone knew-- apart from me, although it was announced that I was a vegetarian in the beginning. Everyone seemed to smile at me... Continue Reading →


I'm attracted to people who drain the life from me, either as a result of lack of maturity or ambition.

Bad Presidents

Bad Presidents show you who your friends are And who your friends are not.  Bad Presidents out the nazis, the fascists, the racists, the homophobes, and the monsters Because they have to be elected by someone.  Bad Presidents make you talk about politics  Even though ediquette has taught you not to, They make scream, they... Continue Reading →


Yes love,  Sweet things are sweet—  Though tart or tasteless  To those  Lacking the tooth: Honey, is an acquired taste. 


A stranger leers at me before I take a seat on the bus. He readjusts his body in my direction preparing to say something, but before he can utter the full sentence I turn him down cold.  “You look—” “Not interested, thank you.”  “Wow.”  I look out the window.  “Can I ask why?”  This perks... Continue Reading →


I’d suggest the universe is Testing how resilient I can be  But I’m crumbling  And there’s little left of me. 

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