There is always poetry to keep you up at night, when you'd ought to be sleeping. When your heart is overflowing, and your mind wishes to keep it company. There is always poetry to give you nightmares or lucid dreams once you've finally fallen into the daze of night. There is always poetry, always coffee... Continue Reading →

There's always powdered milk on the table when I go home, Soup crackers and rye bread for porridge. It isn't my home-- There's always an empty room for visitors to sleep, To stay. But there's never much room for me. I packed my things last night to runaway, I locked the door and threw my... Continue Reading →


Drought In failing relationships We prefer our poison mixed with honey To mask the taste— There’s a sweetness in the way A fairytale rolls off your tongue-- A lie-- Because it can turn a lying man into a loving one. But your love cannot prosper without affection Without care, So never expect it to rain... Continue Reading →


Door If I left the door open to the possibility That your death was absolute I wouldn’t be able to venture out into a world Where you aren’t And never will be again. The hollowness within me Would expand So deep and so vast, So hot, That my outside world would Melt. You’re only missing,... Continue Reading →

Cold Tea

Cold Tea When I met him I was always hurt, Always empty In a way that was never entirely bare. Like a glass half full, I was the remnant of some sweet drink He had only wished to taste, But never to finish. I was like hot tea that he thought tasted better cold, Iced—... Continue Reading →

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