When I make a character I imagine myself as someone else, with different trials and tribulations, sorrows and successes and heartache and happiness. I allow myself to embody someone else for just a second and capture how they feel in collage and poetry.  

I haven’t posted any characters this weekend because I’ve been thinking about introducing a new series. Although I posted an “About Me” video quite a while ago I thought it’d be interesting to capture my own feelings in a series of characters. Perhaps this will allow you to get an intimate look at the girl behind the series.

I’m entitling it Parisia [Pari-see-ah] — A middle name I used to have before I changed it. To those who know me now never met Parisia and now never will, but deep down inside I feel like I’m still her wrapped in gold foil for everyone outside to see. 

Head in the Sky: Parisia 


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