An Excerpt from my memoir “Porridge”


Marvin tells me of a spot in the subway station where the suicidal people make their jumps.

And of a blue phone you pick up when you need someone to stop you.

I stand in the subway station and hold the concrete post: to secure myself and prevent my body from lunging forward.

As the ground beneath me rattles, the wind picks up and I see it.

This poor yellow line: painted to remind you where safety ends.

These delicate rusted railings: rotting to ensure your balance.

This peak right before a wall: where the train emerges too swiftly to see its jumper and stop.

The train powers towards me and in a flash I see what all those suicidal people do before darkness engulfs them.

As the blurred faces and bright lights flash by I see it.

I see the perfect spot

To jump

Colourless and dull.

The blue phone is nowhere to be found. 


Porridge: A Memoir 

A memoir about life after death, and a little girl who nearly lost her life after her father lost his.

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