Shortage: A poem from Legacy

I feel like I’m running out of words.

This feeling is an indescribable one,

And with irony, for lack of better medium of description

I’ll try to describe it:

Feeling as though you are running out of words

It is very much like being forced to become a mute:

My speech seems to lighten,

Like a sudden dwindling of spoken words

Replaced with emptiness.

It is very much like relocating to a different country

With a different language,

With no opportunity for conversation.

It is a sad quietness that exists within me,

This inability to convert my thoughts to feelings,

Or to have thoughts without feelings.

My feelings are so potent, so powerful, so malicious

That they can only be feelings–

It is very much like—-

Silence: when you realize the house is quiet

And there never was any music playing.



  1. casandralee

    ineffable. so often i must relish and accept what i cannot express but only feel. feel it as much as i can when it comes for it shall leave me

    1. Leaf Jerlefia-Rose Watson

      Words we can have forever, feelings are fleeting.

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