I’m Formidable, Bitch.

Excerpts from I’m Formidable, Bitch: Writings on Womaning by leafjerlefia

“My womaning has been constructed and inspired by  women who have never been known as FEMINine or WOMANly. My womaning has been influenced by the drag community, the black community and the LGBTQ community. My womaning has been crafted by what society would call the anti-woman.”

“If I could think of the folk who have inspired my womaning Maya Angelou, bell hooks, Serena Williams, Detox and Frida Kahlo would just be a few.”

“Black women have been striped of their subjectivity by the media for years. When our bodies are strong they’re masculine, when our bodies are soft they’re ‘abnormal.’ Our form is so commonly studied by the media to feed the imperial eye. And our voices, when raised in protest against injustice, are called savage and aggressive.”

“Pretty women can’t be pretty and be smart. We’re simply ornamental until you bring something critical to the table, then we’re ugly radical feminists.”

“Womaning refers to the ontology of being a woman, and I would describe mine as intersectional.”

Watch my curated playlist on Womaning: Womaning

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