Two nights ago

I looked through a telescope at

Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon,

And was horrified.

My mom laughed on the phone as I

Recanted the story.

“How small and insignificant we are. I’m an ant to the Universe.”

I awake from a bizarre space dream to a girl crying on my doorstep, her four year relationship has fizzled, and she misses home.

“There is no passion, no fire and life is too short.”

I think of the universe within us, the microcosms we create here on Earth and marvel at our creativity.

Out there is terrifying, and yet we create bite-sized terrors of our own, marveling at the mysteries of coincedence and dwelling on a moment’s mishap although our time is fleeting.

The Earth’s pull grounds us and conditions us for home. Though we must recognize what pulls we personally succuumb to and which we are able to let go of despite their seemingly strong hold on us.

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