Writing Prompts: between 2 tongues

I’ve always felt more Jamaican in Canada and more Canadian in Jamaica. More like my father with my mother, and more like my mother with my father. My homes, as well as my identity, have always been a journey. Home is a honeyed place. Sometimes we belong to multiple places.

Do you speak multiple languages?

Are you diasporic or identify with multiple cultures?

Are you a writer looking for a new creative challenge?

Calling all poets, writers and bilingual creatives. Join me daily for a writing workshop analyzing language through poetry and prose. Together we will complete eight writing prompts over the course of 8 sessions. No fee required, prompts can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

between 2 tongues is a writing collective, workshop series and soon to be anthology which explores language and diaspora through poetry and poetics. Ultimately, the series brings together writers from varying diasporas to address notions of homeland, motherland and new lands as well as the tongues that tie these sites together. The series explores 8 writing prompts to allow writers and creators to explore ideas around translation, neologism and tongues between languages. Prompts may be completed in any language; it is not a requirement for final vignettes to be in English— a mode a resistance against dominant tongues and linguistic hegemony.

Want to participate?

Prompts will be posted daily at 1PM EST from May 14 – May 24. They are written to inspire exploration and creativity. Before the prompt I’ll share poetry/prose by myself or a poet who inspired me to think critically about identity, culture and language.

The next post will be: Friday, May 22 at 1PM EST. Stay tuned!

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