Grab a Bowl

I released a poetry podcast on SoundCloud two weeks ago. It includes an entirely new range of poems that I've been working on. I'll also be posting a new Baby, You're Blue Character. Stay tuned they'll all be up by noon!

I can't sleep or I'll get drunk,  On the lucid liquid I sip in my dreams.  If I fall too deep I won't wake up Because I'll dream of you, alive and well,  My hair is long and my hands are full With dandelions from the garden we planted.  If I sleep I'll remember everything... Continue Reading →


Drought In failing relationships We prefer our poison mixed with honey To mask the taste— There’s a sweetness in the way A fairytale rolls off your tongue-- A lie-- Because it can turn a lying man into a loving one. But your love cannot prosper without affection Without care, So never expect it to rain... Continue Reading →

Hot Tea

Hot Tea I had hot tea the morning you called To tell me your love was gone. The kettle was on the fire before I even picked up the phone. When there’s heartbreak, there’s always chamomile to calm your nerves. A warm cup is the next best thing to rest your hands on— To stable... Continue Reading →

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