Hello loves! I'm happy to announce that I'll be selling Head in the Sky Posters for 5$ and Calendars for 10$ in celebration of HITS's 3rd birthday. <33

Where have I been? Where's leafrosewatson? I'M ALIVE. I've been super busy making a new series of collage characters, I'm trying my best to get the new series up on WordPress and on my Tumblr page--  Hopefully, you'll see them soon. The latest character is #1047 The series is entitled Baby, You're Blue (I wanted to... Continue Reading →

New Characters?

I've been struggling with the aesthetic of the characters for a while now and I've constantly  asked myself How should I bond the character with it's character poetry? I've gone from numbering each line of poetry and printing its corresponding number on the back of the characters, to simply writing down the poem in a book.... Continue Reading →

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