Site Change, Hiatus, I love you.

Where have I been? Where’s leafrosewatson?

I’M ALIVE. I’ve been super busy making a new series of collage characters, I’m trying my best to get the new series up on WordPress and on my Tumblr page—  Hopefully, you’ll see them soon. The latest character is #1047

The series is entitled Baby, You’re Blue (I wanted to call it BYB for short, but its too close to BYOB (BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE) and that may be misleading) — the series follows the same conceptual elements of Head in the Sky but it is aesthetically different through the use of blue. I’ve been craving some new aesthetic and new challenges within the series so I’m glad I found one that is visually appealing, and conceptually interesting. I’m fascinated by the dichotomy of the word “Blue” and the how its meaning changes in accordance to its context: “Why so blue?” or “The sky is blue.” Each character  is thus ambiguous through the use of colour connotation.

I also love looking through National Geographics for specific tints and tones of blue and I’d have you know that its actually incredible. This has to be a sort of strange collager fetish– I’m going to admit that whatever it is it makes me EXTREMELY HAPPY.

My domain has changed too!  is no longer up and running: I decided to use my pseudonym as my domain because I think it looks and sounds better.


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