Head in the Sky: A History

I think it's about time that I speak about the birth of  Head in the Sky: the collage series that dominates this blog. I think over the years I, myself, have been working through the thematic and purpose of making characters; Their styles and thematic has evolved so much since their creation and I thought... Continue Reading →

I like the way your mouth moves when you lie to me: Mocking the shapes of truth. Your tongue's best quality Was how it could seduce Me, and tamper with my innards Like a lion playing with his food. I like the way you hold my hand although I know you can't feel your fingertips-... Continue Reading →

Poems, poems, poems. I'll be posting new poems from Legacy today! Also, what do you think of the new theme?

Love: An Excerpt from Happiness

Love Love is the bottom of a wine bottle Days after a good party and a bad hangover— Sticky and black. Love is a conniving frienemy That poisons you blind— Forges entrapment for release, For happiness. Love is patient, love is kind, It does not envy, it does not boast, It seduces, it destroys, It... Continue Reading →

I've made character albums, to store my collection of 1000 Head in the Sky characters. I'm in love with them: they are so polished and beautiful when they're organized in their own book and not stacked in dictionaries all around my house. 


There are songs I stopped listening to, And people I stopped caring about. Names that no longer comfort my tongue or weaken my knees. Faces that are now cold and unfamiliar. Chords that do nothing to my skin or to my heart. Notes that don't go together and probably never did. Instruments used- like sirens... Continue Reading →

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