RANT: “Gandhi was just another Indian Man”

How will stereotyping and prejudice impede my success? My high school experience wasn’t all that bad. Sure, Avery made it difficult by instilling ideas that my actions didn’t belong to me, but so did other people. In tenth grade I met a girl, named Lauren, who seemed to be a decent person, until she told... Continue Reading →

The White Man’s Burden

I'll be ripping apart this poem called the White Man's Burden. Its about colonialism and cultural imperialism,  and by far the most blatant example of the Enlightenment's Eurocentric racism I've ever seen. This poster from 1890 paired the phrase with a soap advertisment which creates a narrative that defines The White Man's Burden as a... Continue Reading →

Rant: “Nude” vs. “Beige”

I spend 40 hours a week working as a Bra Specialist at a Canadian lingerie retailer. Although, it isn't what I intend to do for the rest of my life, it has taught me some incredible life lessons and skills. Amoung them are the controversies and issues with the word "nude." In the beginning, I... Continue Reading →

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